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Sun. Nov 22nd 2020

Apply before December 4, 2020 - Part-Time Job Opportunity - Alberta VFD is looking for self-motivated individuals to provide emergency medical services at the BLS and ALS levels as part-time providers. Our department currently has 10 EMS part-time employees and we are planning to expand our coverage schedule to include an extra day shift and night shifts. We will soon be equipped with Stryker PowerLoad systems and cots, Automatic portable ventilators, and video laryngoscopes. We already use the Lucas auto-compression device and Zoll X-Series heart monitor. 

Applications will be accepted for EMT, EMT-Intermediate, and Paramedic positions. Our standard job application for the Alberta VFD is listed under the FILES tab shown above on this webpage. This .pdf document is downloadable. If you or someone you know are interested in working with our team, download this document, complete, and sign. Once the application is completed, please mail it to the Alberta VFD, P.O. Box 178, Alberta, VA 23821. Positions remain open for part-time EMS provider positions until filled. The application deadline refers to the hiring phases that are conducted so that interviews can be scheduled accordingly.

Job applicants for these EMS positions, as with any employment process, are not guaranteed an interview or the job position. Applications will be reviewed, reference checks conducted, and an interview may be scheduled. Applicants participating in the interview process will be asked to bring a current DMV driving record, copies of applicable certifications, and will complete two EMS oral-based scenario stations to determine operating proficiency. A background check is also required for anyone affiliated with the Alberta VFD and selected applicants shall submit fingerprints through a local electronic process, which will be forwarded to the Commonwealth of Virginia for each applicant that is selected for one of our job positions. 

Applications for part-time paid EMS provider opportunities are due to Alberta VFD by 5 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2020. 

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